In the old days, there used to be an “offseason” for football. Those days are long gone. Players at the youth and high school levels are constantly getting bigger, faster, and stronger through offseason programs. One thing that’s left out of the quarterback’s offseason program, however, is mental repetitions. In order to get a truly perfect mental repetition (reading the defense and actively deciding where to throw), the quarterback needs 22 live bodies. The chances of this happening in the offseason are slim to none.

One thing a quarterback CAN do is get mental repetitions through the MaxRepps offseason virtual quarterback training program. We take quarterbacks through one simulation per day, testing their defensive recognition pre-snap and their decision making post-snap. Quarterbacks are required to respond to the play of the day and give both their pre-snap thoughts and post-snap decision, which will be graded and responded to by our QB coaching staff.

The offensive plays we use are plays found in every offensive playbook known to man while the defensive fronts and coverages will vary to keep quarterbacks on their toes. Below is an example of a dubs 4 verticals concept against a 2-high shell, which looks like cover 4 pre-snap.  


When the quarterback snaps the ball, the DB’s all drop and remain in cover 4. The average quarterback will try to throw one of the go routes and make a big play. The quarterback who’s been through the MaxRepps offseason program will quickly throw the tailback swing to get his guy in space against a linebacker. The post-snap look is below.   


To sign up, head to our shop and purchase Virtual Quarterback Training. Upon purchase, you’ll be emailed instructions on how to get started.     

What challenges are you working on with your mental game? Let us know in the comments below or email us at [email protected]

Brendan Beresford

Brendan Beresford

Founder, QBIQ

Brendan Beresford is the founder of QBIQ. You can reach him at [email protected] or on Instagram at @QBIQapp
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