Virtual Quarterback Training

How It Works
Step 1: Quarterbacks walk through gameplay simulations on the app. They make their pre-snap and post-snap reads.

Step 2: Our coaches see the quarterback’s reads and coach them up.

Result: Quarterbacks will be better prepared for practices and games. They will make better decisions, more quickly than ever before.

Why Virtual QB Training?

More interactive than film

Watching film is a passive learning activity, just like sitting in class during a lecture is. MaxRepps provides quarterbacks with a learning activity in which they ACTIVELY make decisions. It requires a level of focus, attention, and thought that watching film does not.

Train anytime, anywhere

In just 5 minutes a day, our quarterbacks can get multiple repetitions. Training as a QB while also playing basketball/baseball/track in the winter and spring can be tough. Our training can be done from the couch at any time of day

More convenient than chalk talks

For chalk talks to be effective, a quarterback and coach must be in the same room. MaxRepps allows quarterbacks and coaches to have chalk talks more often and in a virtual environment
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