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Understanding alignments and responsibilities of everyone on the field is paramount to being a smarter quarterback. When you break the huddle, you should already be anticipating mistakes in alignment and execution so that you can correct them quickly before snapping the ball. The smarter quarterback understands that consistently aligning and executing produces the best results.

Here’s a scenario: you call a toss sweep in the huddle. Your single receiver to the front side of the play lines up way too wide to make the crack block he’s supposed to make. The average quarterback will start his cadence without recognizing this, and the play will fail. The smarter quarterback will anticipate his receiver’s misalignment and tell him to cut his split before snapping the ball.


Pre-snap toss sweep.


Another scenario: Your outside receiver is running a post. You know the defense has been playing nothing but cover 3 all night. The average quarterback will break the huddle without telling the receiver the proper adjustment. The smarter quarterback will remind his receiver to keep his post skinny in order to split the corner and free safety.


Pre-snap post 


Next time you’re faced with a play or situation, ask yourself, “Do I know everyone’s responsibility on the play?” and, “How should everyone be aligned pre-snap?” This is just part of being a smarter quarterback but it’s the first step in being an extension of the coach on the field. You must know the offense as well as they do in order to be the best you can be.


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Brendan Beresford

Brendan Beresford

Founder, QBIQ

Brendan Beresford is the founder of QBIQ. You can reach him at [email protected] or on Instagram at @QBIQapp

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