About Us

MaxRepps was founded by Brendan Beresford, a high school football coach based in Orange County, California. He started coaching at age 20 as an offensive coordinator during the season and private quarterback coach during the offseason. Through coaching, he discovered that most quarterbacks had arm talent, but very few could read defenses. He also saw that most practices did not dedicate much time (if any) to the mental side of the game.

Quarterbacks need extensive individual coaching from their offensive coordinators in order to fully understand what they should be looking for and why. “Chalk talks” were seldom used and a majority of the time, quarterbacks would be distracted by their phones in meeting rooms. Coach Beresford noticed this and saw the opportunity to make a change.

Being a younger coach, he also realized that quarterbacks relied on technology to learn and communicate more than any other medium. Coach Beresford became determined to create a quarterback training tool that was easy for coaches to use and fun and interactive for players. Hence, MaxRepps was born.


Why We Do What We Do

We believe that most quarterbacks do not receive enough mental training. Many high school quarterbacks today get away with their lack of football IQ because they can make up for it with athleticism. While this type of quarterback will have a successful high school career, his lack of football IQ will be exposed at the higher levels. In order to live up to their potential, quarterbacks must master their pre-snap reads, post-snap reads, and understanding of coverages and blitzes. High school coaches understand that the mental side of the game is important for quarterbacks, but simply do not have enough time to go over every offensive play vs. every defense due to limited practice time. We wanted to find a way to get quarterbacks these mental repetitions off the field through a fun, interactive medium, which is why we created MaxRepps.

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