Get the Mental Reps You Need. Anytime, Anywhere

A new, more efficient way for quarterbacks to mentally prepare

Being a great QB isn’t just about the mechanics. The great ones spend countless hours studying and testing themselves until making correct reads becomes second nature.

The MAX REPPS App gives coaches a platform to help their players accomplish this. 


Test all your QB's ablility to make the right reads.

Post feedback to your players in the MAX REPPS Messenger.

Create custom plays quickly or use standard formations.


Get the mental reps you need anytime, anywhere!

Practice your pre and post-snap reads.

See feedback from your coach with the MAX REPPS Messenger.

What People Are Saying About MaxRepps

“There’s a noticeable difference in QB’s that prepare and those who don’t. MAX REPPS is really bringing the game to athletes, something I really admire.”

J.T. Daniels

Quarterback, USC

“MAX REPPS is a great outlet for all levels of quarterbacks especially middle school and high school guys to properly develop their QB minds.”


Re-al Mitchell

Quarterback, Iowa State University

“MAX REPPS is teaching next level passing concepts and defensive looks to youth and high school quarterbacks. These mental reps will help these young QB’s TREMENDOUSLY!”

John Kinder

QB Coach, Southwestern High School (Jamestown, NY)

“The MAX REPPS app helps me out a lot because it shows a lot of looks that defenses can give you, and you get to pick other quarterbacks’ brains and see how they would attack that defense.”

J.T. Shrout

Quarterback, University of Tennessee

“MAX REPPS allows me to practice my reads off the field so that I’m always one step ahead when I’m on the football field.”

Treyce Warren
Quarterback, J Serra High School (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

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